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E-commerce: opening new trade routes in the digital world


After spending half an hour selecting the suit of your choice, you click and add it to the shopping cart, proceeding with the purchase by entering the credit card number. and that’s it. In a few days, you will get that product which was manufactured by a company in Korea, from the comfort of your home or office.

For you this is a simple and transparent process, but behind digital designs, there is a new form of commerce and it is electronic. Better known as e-commerce, it is opening new trade routes between producing countries worldwide.

The last century before Christ, in the old world, there was already a commercial exchange established through links between European and Asian countries. One of the breakthrough products were spices and fine Chinese silk. Other more daring kingdoms sought to find other ways that would allow them to lower the cost of shipments, as well as shorter and more efficient routes through which they could compete.
In fact, America’s discovery was basically due to shortening trade routes, finding the emporium of American gold.


E-commerce: A simple and safe process


Historically, international trade has always been the great driver of world economic growth and more so in this era characterized by globalization. Now with electronic commerce, countries display and market their products efficiently and from their country, making buy/sell economic transactions through robust and solid commercial platforms.

E-commerce is defined by experts as the commercial system for the purchase and sale of services and products, using the internet for this, through electronic platforms with special software for secure electronic payment and collection.

By the beginning of this year 2020, it is estimated that e-commerce exports amounted to 130 billion dollars in the world market, according to data revealed by the OC & C Consulting company. This figure leads us to reflect that business-to-person e-commerce has increased, catalyzed by the pandemic and by global quarantine measures.

Global commercial activity has not stopped with this global pandemic situation, but has been strengthened thanks to the use of platforms designed for the commercialization of products and services, making life and commercial flow continue with its course.


world commerce electronic pendulo software
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How to get into national and international electronic commerce


Like Marco Polo, he ventured into knowing new countries to create alternative routes for trade, promoting cultural exchange, among other aspects. But what are these forms of marketing products and services in the contemporary digital world? Continue with us and you will know what the digital world offers you to start your e-commerce platform.

To begin, we have to talk about several fundamental types of e-commerce:


1. According to the commercial profile:

Each project will define the target group for which to direct all its commercial action. That is, its products or services, and depending on the profile of those possible consumers or market niches, several categories will arise depending on the product and objective to be achieved.

In other words, if you are a company that creates electronic solutions for other companies, your target or niche will be other companies and not the final consumer. So let’s see the possibilities so that you can visualize possibilities.

  • B2B: better known as Business to Business: it is the trade established between two companies. In short, manufactured products and services that are consumed by other companies. For example: a company that sells machinery for the assembly of auto parts will offer its products to vehicle assemblers.
  • B2C: trade between companies and consumers: the better known by the world population. It consists of companies that produce a specific product and which is offered to end consumers or specific population.
  • C2B: these are specialized pages where professionals or entrepreneurs offer their services or products to companies that can hire them. We are not referring to the consumer in its strict concept, but to freelance professionals who seek to be hired through the sale of their talent. The most used pages for this are: Freelancer, Twago, Nubelo, among many others.
  • C2C: a commercial exchange that is established between a company that offers the sale of products manufactured by independent persons or artisans (conceived as consumers) to other consumers. In short, they are platforms that allow retailers, artisans and professionals to offer products directly to the general population.
  •  G2C: Government to Consumer, defined as the commercial relationship in which the government of a country offers products to the population.
  •  C2G: these are platforms where entrepreneurs, retailers and artisans offer their products to be hired by State companies.


world commerce electronic wide pendulo software
Souce: Pixabay

According to the business model

It is important to keep in mind that the business world is constantly growing and, therefore, its opportunities may increase or transform as business structures mature. Like the ancient merchants of the sea routes: Chinese, Vikings, Italians, the electronic routes are growing rapidly. Depending on your needs and many others, new ways and routes will emerge, so let’s check the best known and most used.

  • Online stores for their own products: if you are a producer or offer a service with great potential in the national or international market, it is very appropriate to create your own electronic store, a digital showcase where you show the products, their applications and results. Also, it is useful since you would have the necessary applications to close sales safely. In this case, you require experts who can advise you and give you the necessary support.
  • Dropshipping: we are talking about online stores, but the one that lack a distribution service, which will be carried out through a third company.
  • E-commerce by affiliation: this is a possibility that is practically isolated. We are talking about producers who offer their products, but with the sale being done through the platform of another company. It is as if we were talking about an intermediary who is responsible for marketing products.
  • Membership: it is a type of electronic business relationship that seeks to make you do recurring purchases through affiliation or frequent subscription. Widely used to offer cosmetology products, craft products such as beers, and certain health products, in exchange for a membership that ensures the commercial transaction to both parties.
  • Marketplace: this is a kind of mall type store where there are a series of stores in turn. It is a web platform where different producers are offering their products or services. A well-known alternative is Amazon or Aliexpress. But, there are many depending on the products and the country, it is like a collaborative way of displaying products in a single center.
  • Services page: these are those where professional services are offered, such as consulting, online education, or counseling, among many other professions.

Build your own e-commerce platform


On the web you can find the best platforms for designing your website for e-commerce, but the safest, most viable and reliable thing is to achieve your own development. That is why at Péndulo Software we offer you the best alternatives so that you can create your e-commerce with the greatest ease. You just have to be clear about your ideas and plan your goals, so that we can adapt to your request and guarantee an excellent job.

We are technological artisans and we turn spaces on the web into wonderful places for you to sell your products. Contact us through our phone number +1-206-741-1041, by email: info@pendulosoftware.com on Instagram: @pendulosoftware or at Twitter: @pendulosoft and we will gladly help you.