Types of cryptocurrencies

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Meet the great ocean of cryptocurrencies


The man has always looked for financial ways to negotiate his activities in the market. The world’s anthropologists report that the appearance of the first currency was in Africa, called the “Cauri”, it was a kind of seashell that was used in the exchange between producers and consumers. It is said that this currency was present in the incipient trade of some regions from England, China and the rest of Asia.

Then the payment with bars of salt arose until 650 a.C.: the Lion of Lydia is minted in Asia Minor, a coin made of gold and silver to cancel taxes and for commercial activity.

Historians also maintain that Alexander the Great had his own monetary system coined and promoted. But, other professionals claim that the oldest coins are found in the Chinese Empire.

The 21st century and the new currencies: the cryptocurrencies


One of the characteristics of this new century is the appearance of new monetary forms to overcome international financial obstacles, especially those that have occurred as a result of the North American monetary easing, without a gold backup, a fact that has brought the collapse of certain world financial centers.

But, in the face of this situation, produced years ago, and within the framework of the development of blockchain technology, a series of currencies emerge that push to establish a new global economic form that allows countries an easy and safe commercial exchange between nations.

Thus, in the Nordic countries, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology that seeks to modify the world order that we know to this day, vigorously breaks through. Since its worldwide launch, a series of cryptocurrencies have appeared that seek their share in the market, and until now, have become wild cards for countries in the global economic game.

Cryptocurrencies: an emerging market


Whether it’s to facilitate global business transactions, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Many are the countries that, based on their natural wealth or the strength of their economy, are creating and launching their alternatives in cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, there are other computer scientists who have promoted alternatives that compete for a place in fintech companies. These digital financial companies are considered a new concept within the digital business that use digital technology to facilitate transactions for their clients.

We are facing a kind of digital structure that projects and manages credits online, facilitates currency exchange through the network. It facilitates online payment and online banking, within another range of cryptocurrency services.

Another one of the characteristics that define these fintech companies is their way of managing their clients money, safely, quickly and with the lowest cost in each transaction.

In this crypto / financial environment, a series of cryptocurrencies have emerged that seek to position themselves as the best currency to trade and accumulate wealth.

Bitcoin: This is the first crypto of its generation, launched on the market in 2009. Because it was the first digital currency and was based on an algorithm that allowed it to be obtained quickly, it was established as the most solid and with the highest credibility.

According to experts, for October 2020, an amount of 17 million BTC has been mined, consolidating itself as the most reliable crypto, which translates into 44% of the world market.

Litecoin: It is the second digital currency launched in the world market that uses the same algorithm pattern as Bitcoin, one of its greatest attributes is its use in the immediate payment of small commercial transactions.

With 84 million LTC, litecoin has 35% of the market, it is counted as one of the first cryptocurrencies, since it was launched on the market in 2011.

Ethereum: The denomination that receives the program that formulates the digital currencies called Ether, it is considered by specialists as a more modern and advanced version of Bitcoin. Widely used in the fintech market for different transactions worldwide.

Ether has a 17% market share and is in full growth thanks to its revolutionary blockchain technology. It is considered one of the most advanced cryptocurrencies on the market, both for its decentralized applications and for its Smart contracts.

Ripple (XRP):  it participates with 8% of the market, having a maximum production quantity of about 100 million. Connoisseurs in the world of digital currencies claim that they do not contain a value in itself. This technology does not operate on blockchain, nor does it generate more coins and cannot be mined, being its founders who control the released coins.

Dash: It is considered one of the last recent cryptocurrency systems that has been refined over time. The transactions carried out are made publicly, independently and decentralized, you can enter this market with a low investment.


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2020: a year with good omen for the crypto market


Despite the circumstances that characterize this year, the digital financial market continues to grow, perfecting itself as fintech companies strengthen in the world economy. Some of the characteristics that prevail in the criterion to invest are:

  • That it can be invested in low amounts of money, allowing accessibility to the financial structure.
  • Known for low transaction costs.
  • They maintain the anonymity and privacy of investors.
  • Ease of access to the digital financial system.

Evaluate the risks with a cold head and heart


Like any economic transaction, decisions must be weighed and evaluated very well, thus giving time to choose the best investment, obtain safe dividends with low risk.

One of the attractions of this digital financial market is that the system is independent from governments, thus making it free of precise economic policies.

Similarly, investors should bear in mind that when they invest in crypto-currencies they are doing so in technology and in an asset.

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