About Us

Welcome To Pendulo

Our Mission

At Pendulo Software, we are working to help people and companies to reach their full potential, using technology as a great ally.

Our Vision

Create experiences and services that combine the magic of software and hand in hand with hardware to be the leaders in the IT industry local in terms of quality, innovation and profitability, guaranteeing the operational continuity of our clients.

Core values

  • Integrity and honesty.
  • Passion for our customers, partners, and technology.
  • Openness and respect.
  • Taking on big challenges and seeing through them.
  • Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement and personal excellence.
  • Accountability to customers, shareholders, partners and employees for commitments, results and quality.

Our History

Pendulo Software was founded in 2008 by a group of experts in the field of software and computer technology. Due to the tough economic, social and political situation in Venezuela, our founders emigrate to United States, where they began operation in 2019, and built this company not only to develop and promote new ideas for the industry, but also to seek out uplifting the strengths of every company that dreams about making their own name.

Our 5-D Process


Before you can fix a problem, you need to know what the problem is, and what the perfect solution needs to be.

We sit down with you and discover what you are currently doing, what you want to do.


The next step is to define the problem so that we are all on the same page.

Depending on the problem, we will define a solution and map it out for you, step by step.


Once we are certain that everyone is literally on the same page, we will custom design a solution for you.

Depending on the requirements, that may involve other IT solutions.


Next step in the process is to develop the specific custom solution for you.


This is where everything starts to get real for you, the client.

We will deploy a live version of your solution, so that you can see first-hand how the solution will work, honk the horn and ring the bells.

Why Choose Us?

Emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed. A live person will answer your call, or you can enter a service ticket yourself online with our streamlined service ticket system.

We hire only seasoned, professional technicians with at least 5-10 years experience and usually many more.
we manage your IT infrastructure 24/7 to identify issues and address them BEFORE they become problems, rather than putting out fires.

You deserve to have your questions answered in comprensible language, Our staff will clearly explain what is happening so you understand.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision of choice us as your IT provider. we will always strive to bring best of us to you, our valued client.