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Big data: the modern oracle to predict the future


Since man organized himself into communities and began to recognize the forces of nature, he started giving them names and representing them through images that, later, he would idolize. But, with the passing of time, a powerful communication arose forward, and with them, according to Greek mythology and other ancient civilizations, they began to communicate, receiving premonitory messages about things that could happen.

The priestesses and priests were the intermediaries between the gods and humanity, and an oracle was always the futuristic answer. The bible and other sacred books established the existence of this communication. Predictions have always arisen throughout humanity whether to cultivate, to invade or to survive. Kings, Monarchs and even current presidents use their ways to predict the future.

Today one of those oracles is called Big data, a computer technology that, through data analysis, can predict behaviors, trends and even results. Since 1997, NASA personnel have worked on protocols for handling large amounts of information simultaneously and almost instantaneously, through another technology called data mining. Both come together to predict the future with a minimum of error in the results.


2020: a challenge for any oracle


The pandemic marked by Covid-19 has put small, medium and large companies in check. Its future, as that of the entire world economic apparatus is imprecise, and experts have already begun to analyze consumer behavior through Big data, with the aim of being able to predict trends for the end of this year and for 2021, where the consumption patterns are adjusting to this “new reality”.

CEO Amy Web said, in an interview with Forbes, that the way entrepreneurs negotiate has changed and, for a long time, will not return to what we knew before the pandemic. So any planning and projection carried out was in the past because the market also changed.


Big data to anticipate the future


Now, the oracle is based on data analysis, on assuming the Big data technology will define trends in the national and international market, even finding needs or forms of consumption not yet discovered by the user. Currently, by 2021, almost 71% of companies worldwide did not guide their planning based on data. This is a position that puts any entrepreneurship at risk in this ever-changing and uncertain market.

In the context of the pandemic, consumers are waiting for the news that the market offers them to cope with quarantine or to maintain their lifestyle, adapting to biosafety regulations. It is notorious that the pandemic’s sequels will dominate for a period of approximately 2 years until concrete results for the vaccines arrive, and the subsequent immunization parameters are achieved.

In order to predict trends and know the new framework of consumer needs, it is necessary to apply a data mining and analytics scheme that allows determining new ways to commercialize products and services.


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 Updating to data-driven structures


To enter this millennium, entrepreneurs must believe more in information technology and new platforms, as well as programs to manage and study data that will become true administrative and marketing compasses. Thus, it is necessary to comply with several phases:

  1. Believing in technology and its advances in the conception and development of predictive applications.
  2. Change planning patterns, for which they must study data mining and data analysis.
  3. Eliminate complacency with different sectors within the company.
  4. Establish a new methodology and organizational culture, based on scientific processes and new work methodologies.
    Adapting the company’s structure to the technological era. Select the best network architecture and hire the appropriate personnel to manage and service servers and networks.


Fighting against internal barriers


To continue going forward with the business adaptation to the new times, it is necessary to overcome several obstacles:

  • Fight against the fear of technology and the systematization of processes. There are many officials who fear losing their power quotas, or even that inadequate processes or hidden defects will be discovered.
  • Advance towards the use and adaptation of electronic channels for web commerce, to market and carry out various digital transactions.
  • Base planning on the study of data. Adopt a planning scheme based on data analysis to establish assertive tactics to later reach strategic levels and thus be able to make correct decision-making.
  • Taking the quantitative and qualitative leap to let yourself be guided by the results of that data mining. Therefore, both the hardware and software are important, as well as the professionals who are going to handle it.


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An architecture that works for data management


It is important that you bear in mind that companies, regardless of their size, need to have a sufficiently robust computing structure to handle large amounts of information and thus it grows as the company also grows.

For this, it is always advisable to hire professionals who allow you to accomplish these objectives. Many companies hire personnel who are assumed by payroll. But presently, the hiring of support and advisory services are increasingly in vogue, because they will allow you a better service 365 days a year without incurring in passive costs.

One of the first actions to be followed by businessmen and entrepreneurs is to set aside the annual strategic plan. Under those mostly inefficient conditions, it can be seen why you should have experts to advise and guide you through this technological world.

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