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Zeus’s Revenge: An email to Pandora


Faith in the supernatural, the tradition of extrapolating the characteristics of an animal and then mythologizing and worshiping it originated more than 3,000 years before Christ, giving rise to Greek mythology.

The Pantheon of Greek Gods had a human appearance and their feelings were very similar to ours, except that they could transgress the laws of nature, time and space.

The relationship between the Gods and humans was colored by love and hate. If humans did not observe and worship their gods, they would receive the most cruel punishments. Among these stories is that of the Titan Prometheus, who stole fire to give it to humans, and thus improve their life conditions. In revenge, Zeus studies the finest and most irresistible revenge: Pandora.

Zeus requests the God of Fire Hephaestus that, together with Athena, they will create a woman who would be called Pandora. She was a beautiful woman and very gifted, except that she was very curious. By sending Pandora to Earth, Prometheus falls madly in love with her and marries her. Soon after, and as a wedding gift, Zeus sent her a jar, which had a message written inside that said: “Do not open”.

Perhaps for a woman, and even more if she is curious, they tell her not to open to see its content, it is as if it was a direct order to open it. Thus, before this bait Pandora falls into temptation, she uncovers the jar and from there on the worst evils for humanity came.


Never open Pandora’s jar


This fabulous story from the Pantheon of the Greek gods, not only can you relive it every time you read the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Theogony, but this reality turned into a metaphor reached our days. Now Pandora’s jar is an email bait.

For many in the ocean of the internet, it isn’t strange that there is diversity of netizens, good and bad, who seek simple information, or even those corsairs who intend to scam using emails, within which true “Pandora’s Jars” are hidden. We are talking about Phishing, a true container for the worst malware and malicious intentions of hackers who, in the shadows, already have their revenge planned.


What is email security?


As in any civilization, the internet as a community is home to both netizens with good intentions and others who, under the shadow of phishing, seek to swindle and seize information, projects, bank accounts and any password to seize the goods or properties of others as their own.

Within this dynamic, email is the means, par excellence, through which natural persons working as companies communicate and are on all kinds of devices and platforms to enjoy this service.
But, nowadays, it is necessary in addition to having the security mechanisms of the large search engines, to hire the services or install the appropriate technology to secure email, and with it our borders, removing the intentions of hackers who Through seductive emails they can infect us with viruses, malware, among other forms of disguised scam.


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Prometheus: How Email Security Works.


Email Security is one of the most current technologies that inspects incoming or outgoing emails to your computer or network, with the purpose of detecting malicious content. It also ensures, through encryption, email traffic, protecting mailboxes, users, and organizations from continuous attacks on security systems.

Now with mixed email platforms systems in the cloud and on an organization’s servers, security measures must be taken to the extreme against disguised attacks of Phishing and Ransomware or data hijacking.

Email security is actually conceptualized as the procedure that protects both email content and email accounts against unauthorized access requests or attacks. Email security service providers include specialized email servers with strong passwords and access control mechanisms, encrypted email messages, firewalls, and spam filtering software.

As in Pandora’s jar, the labels, the headlines and even the promises of benefit can contain the most serious evils for your system, which is known to us as phishing; which is nothing more than an email in whose texts reside hyperlinks or attachments that contain malware that, in the dark, install themselves on your computer or system and then extract valuable information, making you vulnerable to scams. Before this misfortune happens, security systems detect, encrypt, isolate and neutralize the attacker.


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Types of email security


  • Teach your employees to recognize phishing: get your colleagues to help you with security. Its collaborators are the main users of the internet service. Any random number of emails reach them, so if you train them to identify possible phishing attacks, you will be minimizing one of the first flanks of hacker attacks.
  • Message quarantine: the quarantine function is very useful to identify and retain those emails that are suspicious. During this time, the software will analyze the email’s attachments and components before being delivered to the recipient. Among the main functions of this software are the elimination of the attachments and even the mail itself. Another very important one is that, if a phishing email manages to overcome the first filter and reaches a user’s inbox, this program will identify it and remove it.
  • Multi-factor authentication: this is software that requires multiple authentications to be able to give access to your bank accounts, with the assumption that hackers could have extracted the first access numbers through malware.
  • Domain protection with Dmarc: to prevent attackers from using the domain of a company’s brand, disguising themselves as it, to gain entry into the mailboxes of people and companies with phishing, there is a Dmarc domain software.
  • Leverage intelligence over threats: external email threat sources in Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) are now commonly used in email security products, which is useful if an organization wants to use a threat source focused on vertical beyond the product’s native threat intelligence.
  • Integrated cybersecurity solution: Integrating email security with broader security portfolios is also becoming common to determine whether messages or advanced malware may have been delivered in an environment to particular users or inboxes.

Look for the protection of your system with which you can shield your entire network to avoid phishing attacks or information hijacking. Have Prometheus steal the fire of Olympus so that your systems are protected with armored security systems, for this we recommend hiring skilled and experienced caterers that provide you with a comprehensive security service all year round.

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