Remote Working

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Remote working: producing from anywhere


It is six o’clock in the afternoon, the ABC network makes the announcement that the program will start soon. You stop what you are doing and go to your living room to sit on the sofa. A happy music begins and the characters from The Jetsons appear, a series by William Barbera and Joseph Barbera, the series’s authors that won the first tuning places in the child-youth segment and not so much.

We refer to this series of animated cartoons whose plot was based on the futuristic life of humanity. Many sociologists claimed that this series was based on the behavior of an American upper middle class family, others argued that it was a futuristic version of the Flintstones.

The truth of this television series was not only its worldwide popularity, but that it dared to show technology that could only be viewed or enjoyed 60 years later.

For many managers, owners of large companies, this series served as a creativity enhancer to assimilate technologies that are common today for their companies.

In the series, telemedicine, video calls and teleworking were considered as daily activities, when necessary. Activities that are already common for us.


Telecomunication: A history begun in 1971


NASA has always given a starting point to multiple applications, forms of communication and advancements that break the barriers of time and space. This North American institution has gone three steps ahead setting the course of humanity, especially in the technological, scientific and telecommunications aspects.

At the beginning of the seventies and in the middle of the world oil crisis, Jack Nilles, a NASA employee, worked at his home on a remote communication system for NASA, a project that supported working from home connected via remote.

This project had several benefits for the company, such as the secrecy of projects, operative savings, and above all, the favorable environment so that creatives and scientists could work at their ease, without having to waste time traveling or commuting.

This project was called “telecommunication”. Among the benefits and advantages for companies and for the country was: the decongestion of the highways, taking advantage of non-renewable resources such as oil, and the time dedicated to work and leisure of employees.

With the discovery of the internet and the development of telecommunications, this project once again strengthens its energies, presented by several companies that saw in it an alternative to relieve workers or to promote the home as a second place for work, without the employee having to stay late at the office.


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Fears, skepticism and the pandemic


But, it was the year 2000 that put an end to the fears of many entrepreneurs about the use and benefits of Telecommuting. Now, the pandemic has removed the blindfold of fear from employers, who were forced to use this technology and form of employment relationship, which has yielded results by setting trends in the “New Normality” post-COVID-19.

What is telework


Teleworking, also known as distance or remote work, is an employment relationship, where workers provide their services from their home, using information and communication technologies (ICTs), having to be supervised and coordinated from the business matrix.
There are many people, especially this year, who are venturing into teleworking, under a planning by objectives scheme. So far, the “new reality” has shown that remote work is feasible, both for employees and their employers.

In one way or another, teleworking came on the right foot to stay for a long time, in addition to the fact that in the US there was a marked tendency to use it, giving workers freedom to better organize their time, increasing their productivity. Among the benefits that this work activity brings to companies can be wielded:

  • Substantial savings for companies in terms of infrastructure and job maintenance.
  • Increases the quality of work performance, by providing the worker with a better quality of life.
  • Increases productivity by not subjecting the worker to long hours of travel.
  •  Improve the environment.

How to know if your company is ready for teleworking in this “New reality”


At present, teleworking is providing opportunities to companies, no matter their magnitude, to be able to continue with economic activity, offering the possibility of maintaining or increasing income. Nowadays, strategies and combinations of teleworking with an office presence of only one or two days are being formulated. Formulas like 4 x 1 or 3 x 2 are some of the possibilities. But, for the most part, teleworking and tele-supervision or tele-leadership are activities consolidated in a few months.

Teleworking has diversified according to the needs of employees and employers, with the emergence of social networks and messaging services and video calls, people are connected much longer, consolidating work teams. If it is necessary to communicate with a colleague and feel that you are talking to a person, multiple video calls are the great alternative.


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Remote working tools


Thanks to the advancement of telecommunications and associated technologies, working remotely or hiring remote workers is no longer a question from a television series, but rather a forceful and effective reality.

To achieve remote communication with your workers and supervisory collaborating team, you must have on hand the following technological tools:

  • Optimal internet connection with which you can communicate with workers, and for certain applications and platforms to work efficiently.
  • Have reliable video conferencing software. Currently, service companies have enhanced their services and have configured packages for multiple contracting.
  • A good software application for communication by chat or messaging services that allows you to form work groups.
  • A good software application for video.
  •  Space in the cloud that allows you to store and access information by several workers.
  • A good software application for project management.


Now, if you want to transform your company in an enabled remote work company you can count on our help, at Péndulo Software we are technological artisans who adapt to your needs as a company. We hope that this article has helped you a little in understanding the great advantages and benefits of remote working, however, you can count on our advice by contacting us at +1-206-741-1041, by email: info@pendulosoftware.com, on Instagram: @pendulosoftware or at Twitter: @pendulosoft and we will gladly guide you.