The digital transformation of companies

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Transform ourselves to survive and advance in the business biosphere


Just as animal species and even humans did millions of years, today, companies must go through a process of death and resurrection like the Phoenix.

Every day we die and rise again at dawn, there are millions of cells that are constantly renewed under the orchestrated guidelines of a brain that has evolved as the environment changes. In the same way, the business mentality must orchestrate the necessary changes for this cybernetic evolution, known as the digital transformation of companies.

We can understand digital transformation as the evolutionary step towards digital technological integration, as a transversal axis, throughout the company, especially in those areas in which it operates and offers value to end customers. Of course, this digital transformation is nested first in a cultural change that implies the constant challenge of surpassing oneself and overcoming the fear of innovating and even failure.

This digital transformation will not be assumed as a quantum leap, but rather it is a process where, assuming the digitization of sectors, implies re-elaborating products, re-conceiving services, as well as their production processes.

Digital transformation first involves incorporating your own or hired work team, which allows you to analyze, evaluate and project the changes. In short: reinvent most areas of the corporation, such as the supply and transformation of raw materials, work flow between areas, redirect workers according to their potentialities and decision-making processes at strategic levels within the organization.

In the same way and no less important, the most critical point within this change of skin is in the relationship between the organization and its clients and what they represent for the company: how much they are appreciated.


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Staying in the future: Digital transformation of companies


Staying at the _top of people’s minds_ involves adapting to changes in the consumption of products and services. Just as life changes in the age of knowledge and technology, so do preferences and lifestyles. Following the ups and downs in emerging consumer demands is a part of the digital transformation process.

This premise will define the adoption of technology that allows _transformation_ and, in turn, drive the changes in key processes that the company requires to stay alive within the futuristic maelstrom that with a magnitude 5 force is upon us.

The premise is to evolve, so let’s know the keys that will allow us to enter the eye of the digital hurricane:

  • Assume processes and storage in the cloud: using new software for storage and to execute processes in and through the cloud, will give the organization faster access from anywhere in the world, and its processes will be streamlined, assuming new operations, determined by constant updates, without forgetting that storing data in the cloud will give you greater speed in data mining and storage.
  • Entering the age of information technology: The senior management of a company must analyze the environment of technological evolution, as well as the processes in the management of information and knowledge. It is like making the company a little more intelligent in terms of selection and training of human talent, as well as how much money is going to be invested in innovation and research of processes that allow agility, and the definition of unique and personalized processes that differentiate it from the rest of the market.
  • Utilize mobile platforms: Thanks to cloud computing, it is no longer necessary to spend 24 hours in the office. Remote access, teleworking, video conferencing are new ways of working thanks to connectivity and processes in the cloud. Moving forward and staying alive in the future will depend heavily on versatile mobile communication and production platforms.
  • Artificial intelligence: Thanks to its information processing capacity, AI will allow companies to make accurate decisions about sales, marketing, product development and processes to get closer to the final consumer.


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The digital oracle: analyzing data for the digital transformation.


The evolutionary process will accompany us inside and outside our homes. It is already a reality that houses become intelligent by integrating computer devices in furniture or electrical appliances that allow the exchange of data with their owners and with the manufacturer, through the internet. Thus, people can establish a dialogue with his house to prepare food, or condition its temperature long before the family arrives.

Therefore, cities and industrial parks are also developing, becoming more intelligent. And all thanks to the analysis and interpretation of the data.

The new oracle that will predict the business and industrial future is called data. The digital transformation will be based on the interpretation of data, from where knowledge will be extracted to be processed, activating substantial changes within organizations.

Many are the managers who require quality data, an input on which the entire process of digital transformation and intelligent decision-making depends. For this, it is necessary to have experts in data mining and analysis, as well as those technologists who will establish the architectures that respond to this _digital transformation_ within the world market.

Therefore, it is necessary to have professionals who indicate what changes should be assumed, from the implementation of new technologies, to the transformation of production processes and customer relations.

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