The World Wide Web

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The Web: the supra memory


When we talk about science fiction, we realize that one of its achievements is not having milestones that delimit its borders, but rather, they fade them, integrating them into a single space where the impossible can happen.

Avatar and his Pandora is an example of this, its script was surely based on the theory of James Lovelock who in 1965 offered to the world his theory that the planet was a living system; where each of the levels of life were integrated to form the biosphere that was regulated by atmospheric systems.

There was a lot of debate for and against Lovelock’s proposal, the truth is that it laid the groundwork for us to look around and under our feet. In 2017, the ecologist Suzane Simard, from the University of British Columbia, exposed to the world the results of her studies, which proved that all the world’s vegetation communicates, feeds and exchanges information in dangerous situations or to heal some of its members.

This exchange takes place through a wonderful network of roots, rhizomes and fungi that, like the brain structure, transfer vital information in infinite synaptic connections.
And so, you will find metaphors and analogies with many of the worlds that make up this great ecosystem called Earth. Within it, there are also other worlds that are part of our daily lives, but keep among themselves wonderful replicas of nature.

In this analogy, we refer to the virtual world made up of computers, interconnected by a fabulous network of physical and wireless routes that, through light energy, cross the territory transmitting the world’s largest information stream called the Web.

WWW and the web pages


If we talk about any network of world libraries, we must also refer to the ancient Library of Alexandria, where all the science and all the knowledge of the civilization of the past were found. Today, the World Wide Web, best known as the WWW or simply the Web, is the repository of world document management. It is the largest virtual library where document management travels through the rhizomes of the internet.

Logically, web pages should not be confused with this worldwide virtual library, where millions of servers are interconnected in perfect balance to maintain the information transfer, converted into light impulses through which infinite data packets travel from one computer to another.

How to access the Web?


Just as scientists who begin their research, and find communication channels between worlds, to have access to the Web you must have a computer that allows a connection to the internet, the so-called worldwide information super-highway, as is the technologists call it.

After this great synapse, a great engine is necessary to allow you to navigate through that vast universe, we are referring to the browsers, whether Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any of the other Asian or Russian systems that allow communication between the PC and the web server, through the HTTP web protocol, making the provision of information in the web page format a reality.


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Types of web pages


A page is the specific information on a topic, which is written in coded language and at the same time provides the ability to manage and insert hyperlinks and navigate safely under the WWW protocols.

In this cyber world, you will find web portals where you will see specialized information from commercial companies, institutions, unions, or even individuals. Many have the ability to update information at high speed, unlike others that are static. Let’s explore its classifications and which ones can be used according to the objectives of each netizen.

  • Static: As their name indicates, these are websites whose contents do not need to be updated or modified. They are highly recommended for companies and institutions that wish to present themselves to their potential or actual clients. It is as if they were an extension of their business card or brochure.
    These static pages are built in HTML language because their content consists of texts, links and some downloadable files. For updates, the work of an experienced web designer and programmer is required.
  • Dynamic: These pages are much more complex because in addition to having static information, they have others whose content varies daily. They are interactive pages that offer fresh and innovative information to the public and lag behind many more netizens.
    Many of them may be associated to online stores with functions such as shopping carts. Other examples are the media pages, specialized pages and commercial ones.
    For the creation of this type of pages programming personnel and web designers with experience are necessary, because they require certain specific functionalities.
  • Personal Pages: These are informative spaces where a personality, scientist, teacher, professional or researcher publish their work, to be a part of society’s world knowledge.
  • Corporate Pages: Eminently commercial virtual spaces, where you will find detailed information on their marketing purposes, history, range of products or services, as well as support services for their clients. You will find different types of corporate pages on the Web, whose design and functionality will be defined by the characteristics and services of the company.
    Logically these pages require a team of advanced professionals in this matter, and for the information’s maintenance.
  • Blogs
    Blogs are a format of web pages used by specialists or professionals in any area who are seeking to find or share information, or create a community and being part of it. They also allow interaction with cyber-surfers through questionnaires, chat, or comments. A curious fact about blogs is that they present the information chronologically.
  • Online Stores
    These are specialized web pages for e-commerce, dedicated to the commercialization of products or services, whether a specific brand or from several companies. They usually have a purchase function, allowing browsers to purchase the product on site. They behave like a large product showcase with specific files on characteristics, benefits and components.
  • Forums
    It is an asynchronous web space, where several users can interact by updating information on a topic. Very suitable for study groups or professionals.
  • Directories
    Generally, these are large indexes that group companies on the same topic or specialty. We can find hardware directories, professionals, services, etc.


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How the WWW works


Do you know what is the process that the Web carries out so that the pages you request appear on the screen of your computer, mobile or laptop? Well, let’s start by explaining one of the most complex processes that are perceived as simple.

Each computer has an identification number called an IP number. When you turn on your computer you enter the internet, you become a client that communicates with a server, whose identification allows you to access search engines, sites and servers.

There the server will verify if they have the information that you are requesting for, approving the request and sending the page plus the different results associated with your search, the server sends the information divided into data that is packed by wireless or physical internet routes.

But, how do the data packets arrive at your server? Pretty simple: through the TCP / IP protocol, who will be in charge of routing the information by coding and labeling each piece with your IP address. In this way, the different pages travel long distances and reach the destination in thousandths of seconds.

Maintaining an optimal connection to the largest knowledge highway will depend on a good internet connection and a team of specialists who will keep your entire network with the necessary connectivity for your company to be truly competitive.

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