To avert an attack from a robber, you have to think like one.

your business is probably compromised and you don’t know it.

The many ways we can help you!

If you have ever been online, your information is most likely already compromised. We implement several IT security technologies to prevent malicious aggressions, thus helping safeguard your company’s information please, just Contact Us!

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Managed Security

Data breach or leakage, virus, and ransomware are many of the threats that may currently hurt and jeopardize your company. We identify potential threat vectors and we apply corresponding measures to mitigate them.

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Firewall & Intrusion detection systems

Safety issue detection is not enough, preemptive measures are equally necessary. With our customized Firewall solution, we can prevent said threats from breaching your network. Connect your remote offices in a safe way and keep hackers at bay.

Wireless management

Every day, your work team and visitors share and use your WiFi and consequently your network. It is vital to keep Wi-Fi networks on different locations so as not to compromise corporate network security. We deploy our clients’ Wi-Fi networks under strict safety control. If you are unsure whether your Wi-Fi network is safe, it is time to contact us.

Content Filtration

Many of our clients are unaware of what networks do, until we provide them with some reports. Filtering network content is a vital aspect of both device’s and individual’s safety. Let’s just imagine for a moment what would happen if adult content is visualized at a High School. No need to worry, we have got the solution for this and other problems.

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Email security

Email has become a basic and essential means of communication in this world. It is imperative that data reaches its intended recipient in a swift and safe manner, and so is verifying email sender's identity. For this reason, we have the right technologies to offer your company safe email exchange.

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