VoIP Telephony

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When the word became data


There are people whose destiny has been marked by bad luck. We refer to the immigrant Antonio Meucci, an Italian engineer who decided to leave to achieve a better life. In Cuba he worked as a stagehand in the theater and completed his livelihood by applying treatment to rheumatoid patients by using small electric shocks to reduce inflammation and reduce the intensity of pain.

As he progressed in his therapeutic practice, he realized that sound vibrations turned into electrical impulses that could be transmitted remotely through a wire.


And it was all for an act of love


With his brilliant discovery he moved to New York to try to improve his fortune. But, the shadow of the dark star haunts him to the United States.

There, his wife falls ill with severe rheumatism and is bedridden. Meucci, finding himself in the need to continue working and taking care of his wife, ended, in 1854, by completing his work, giving rise to the “Teletrophone”, a curious device that could transmit acoustic signals through a remote cable that transmitted electrical impulses.

Meucci tested the device and installed it in his own home, connecting his office with his wife’s room to be in constant communication with her. A true act of love.

But bad luck continued to play against him. Once the communication kit was consolidated, he went to the Patent Office for registration, but pretexts always hampered its registration.

Faced with such behavior, Meucci exhibited his invention at a Fair in New York, which could be reviewed worldwide by Italian journalists who participated in the event. After that, Meucci receives a receipt from the Patent Registry Office of having initiated the application but, due to lack of 10 dollars, he was unable to register it..

Some time later, Alexander Graham Bell presented only the name of a similar device that he never showed, which he called the telephone. Graham Bell stole the authorship of the invention and with it all the profits. Meucci sued but, he never saw any sentence nor his rights reivindicated, dying in poverty.

126 years later, more than a century after, the United States Congress in June 2002, finally ruled on the litigation and recognized Antonio Meucci as the inventor of the telephone.


Love stories and rumors over the phone


The legal dispute lasted for more than a century, as the years passed, its inventor died; while his technological child, the phone, keeps growing and evolving. First of all, carbon was added for better sound fidelity.

Antilocal devices are then installed to prevent disturbances in hearing the sound. Then, the rewinder is no longer used, but the rotary dial. Later on, the multi-frequency that allowed the dialing by tones until arriving at what we know as telephony.

Since then, the telephone has brought families closer, shortened distances, was the confidante of love affairs and an accomplice of rumors. The telephone was part of daily life, promoting commerce, the development of cities. Since its emergence, going through the crazy 20’s, witnessing news of war or peace; the phone was always there and has been between us.

The son grows and matures: VoIP telephony emerges


It was the time when the Beatles were no longer together, OPEC reduced oil production. The United States formally announced the end of the Vietnam War. Salsa emerged as a musical genre. The United States is stunned by the Water Gate scandal. It was 1973, the year of greatest news, most of which were commented on and transmitted quickly by telephone by the entire population..

While Roberta Flack makes a hit with the song “Killing Me Softly”, Arpanet’s Telecommunications engineers achieve voice transmission via the Internet, what we now know as VoIP. This first transmission was achieved in a small and private network of the company.

In 1995, the Israeli company Vocaltec launched the first internet telephony program, which would bear the name of “Internet Phone”. The great achievement of this software was to turn the voice into “class packages”.

A year later, 1996, the Israeli company achieved the transmission of voice from a telephone to a computer and from a computer to a telephone, all while using the IP protocol, thus consolidating this new communicational channel.

Three years later, Marck Spencer achieves the first telephone exchange via IP and from there on, the “son” of Antonio Meucci has not stopped evolving, with the voice now being data packets that travel over the internet..

The voice became data


Just like when you buy a product and you are going to give it away, the seller tries to cover the object to preserve it from blows, or to prevent it from being contaminated with the exterior, if we are talking about food.

In other words, the seller wraps it, packaged to preserve its original conditions. In this same way, the voice is “packed” under a specific format to be transmitted over the network.

Under this premise of adaptation of formats and to preserve the fidelity of the voice, it is packaged in the form of data for transmission, via fiber optics, by the platforms that make up the internet. To decrypt or unpack the voice, the VoIP software and equipment (hardware) are first required to enjoy this service, which, believe it or not, is a standard in everyday life.


voip phone desktop
Source: pexels


What is a VoIP phone?


A VoIP phone, SIP Phone or Softphone is characterized by using Voice Over IP (VoIP). Then we would call it a telephone system based on the transmission of voice with internet protocol (data) to make telephone calls.

Like the Italian Engineer more than 130 years ago, this innovative system seeks new ways of faithfully transmitting the voice. VoIP converts standard-type telephone audio into a digital format that can be transmitted via fiber optics. This system can also convert incoming digital phone signals coming via the internet into standard phone audio.

Voice over telephone- PC-conversion into data packets- transmission via internet-PC- Reconversion – standard audio


A VoIP phone can also be a virtual phone, using software or hardware similar in appearance to a common phone.
This type of technology may resemble the one known so far, but its programming is based on IP networks, that is, transmission via the Internet. There are other software applications (app) that will allow us to use a smartphone, a computer, a tablet as if they were a telephone, something that we are used to when we make video calls, make presentations via the web, among other audiovisual alternatives.


How does IP telephony work?


As we mentioned earlier, IP telephony is based on the “packaging” of voice data to be transmitted via the internet to another device that will “unpack” it, converting it into audio.

Knowing a VoIP sequence


  • In this example, the user named Antonio wants to call Abraham. To do this, he picks up the handset and dials the phone number.
  • Sewan, the Business VoIP Operator, intercepts the call within the public network and connects it with the analog telephone operator.
    The voice is packaged into compressed data, the telephone begins receiving the voice by frequency, making it reach its recipient, where it is unpacked to become voice again, and viceversa for the response process when Abraham finally responds back.

VoIP phone service


Previously, the telephone system was based on electrical impulses that traveled through a public switched telephone network, better known as the PSTN. The acronym PSTN refers to the number of switches that make up a telephone circuit to connect the call from one end to the other.

We could compare it to routers, as if they were soccer players passing data from one foot to another until they scored the goal. Or if you prefer, as an example of land routes, we would be thinking of the following example:
The voice enters a vehicle to be able to travel the highways, avenues and streets, where it will get junctions, viaducts or tolls that will “route” or direct your vehicle to its destination.

Little by little, the internet was taking over territory and, in the field of telephony, companies saw the opportunity to use fiber optic support as the way to simplify and massify telephone lines by the millions.

The copper wire meant an advance for humanity, but now it is fiber optics, through which millions of calls pass through a single fiber strand, thus simplifying operations and making it much more faithful, faster and safer.

We enter the era of simplification and massification in a single IP system. The same support for two functions, which also represented cost reduction.

Hence, companies carry out and promote teleworking, the home office, video-streaming transmission (video-series and film platforms, chats, videoconferences, tele-education and tele-marketing, among many others.


Types of VoIP phones


There are many presentations of a VoIP phone, so much so that there may be a solution for every business need.

  • Basic Softphone model, better known as special software for the conversion or reconversion of voice into data and data into voice. This application can be found in versions for Windows, Android, IOS among other systems. It may also be the case that, with the relevant authorizations and respect for the protocols, an iPhone user can download an application and you can make calls with any combination of Apps and devices you want. In practice, an example of this may be that a VoIP phone is installed in an iPhone or a computer that has a headset to make calls, just as it is used in a call center.
  • IP table phones, very similar to any we know, but on the inside, it has the highest technology for the transmission of calls according to the IP protocol. And in this way the word became data, in a much more expeditious and futuristic format that allows us to communicate every day both at work and in personal and family.

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